UNODC Mutual Legal Assistance Request Writer Tool

The UNODC mutual legal assistance request writer tool was developed to assist criminal justice practitioners in drafting expeditiously MLA requests, thereby enhancing cooperation between States and accelerating responses to international cooperation requests from requesting countries.


In 2017, the tool was upgraded and redesigned with the support of international cooperation experts. The new features make it useful for well-established as well as developing central authorities.


Key features :

       Assists in drafting Mutual Legal Assistance requests in a timely manner and accelerates the process of international cooperation in criminal matters

      Provides step-by-step guidance using drop down screens to help practitioners  avoid incomplete requests for MLA thereby reducing the risk of delay or refusal

      Can be adjusted to Requested States’ substantive and procedural law requirements

     Enables the user to retrieve key information on treaties and national legislation as well as contact information in the requested  State


To download the tool, click here.

User manual in English.

Installing and uninstalling video tutorial.

If you wish to support the translation of the MLA tool in your language, contact the UNODC team at