Plenary Meetings


9th WACAP Plenary Meeting Vienna, Austria 29 – 31 January 2020

Law enforcement officials and prosecutors from central authorities of 15 member countries and representatives from criminal justice institutions attended this event. The aim of this meeting was to take stock of the results, challenges and gaps in the network and reflect on the ways in which it could become more operational and institutionalized going forward. High level officials such as the Ambassadors from the Permanent Missions of Burkina Faso in Vienna and Niger in Geneva, The Regional Director for West and Central Africa (ROSEN) Mr. Antonio Mazzitelli and the Ambassador Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Burkina Faso in Vienna His Excellency, Mr Francis K. Hein were all in attendance.


8th WACAP Plenary Meeting Cotonou, Benin 20 -23 November 2018

About 100 representatives of sixteen West African States and criminal justice practitioners participated in the meeting. This was a joint plenary meeting between WACAP and the Inter-Agency Asset Recovery Network for West Africa (ARINWA). Enhanced international cooperation in criminal matters was the main point of discussion during this meeting. 

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7th WACAP Plenary Meeting, Saly, Senegal 24 – 26 October 2017

45 participants of which 10 were women attended this meeting from the Inter-Agency Asset Recovery Network for West Africa (ARINWA), WACAP, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Court of Justice and Commission, the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern African (ARINSA) and the Inter-Governmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA). The two networks issued a joint declaration on key actions and recommendations to improve judicial cooperation in all types of organized crime between networks and within the region. The main outcomes of this declaration include strengthening the links between the two networks related to tracing, freezing, seizing and confiscating of criminal assets. Participants emphasized the importance of ECOWAS's support and underlined the efforts to be undertaken on the translation of requests into the official languages of requesting countries along with awareness raising of the role of the networks and to address long-standing obstacles.

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6th WACAP Plenary Meeting, Niamey, Niger 8 – 11 November 2016 

Approximately 40 participants from central authorities and criminal justice institutions attended this event. The focus of the meeting was to foster and support more effective prosecutions, tailored to the specific needs of the region with a day dedicated to the cocaine trafficking and its impact on criminal justice systems. Throughout the meeting facilitators and participants discussed and identified holistic approaches from criminal actors to address issues of transnational organized crime and cocaine trafficking along cocaine routes.

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9th Plenary Meeting

8th Plenary Meeting 

7th Plenary Meeting

6th Plenary Meeting

1st WACAP Plenary Meeting

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 28-30 May 2013

4th WACAP Plenary Meeting

Accra, Ghana, 23-26 March 2015

7th WACAP Plenary Meeting

Saly, Senegal, 24-26 October 2017

2nd WACAP Plenary Meeting

Praia, Cape Verde, 12-14 November 2013

5th WACAP Plenary Meeting

Abuja, Nigeria, 5-8 October 2015

8th WACAP Plenary Meeting

Cotonou, Benin, 20-23 November 2018

3rd WACAP Plenary Meeting

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 27-29 May 2014

6th WACAP Plenary Meeting

Niamey, Niger, 8-11 November 2016

9th WACAP Plenary Meeting

Vienna, Austria, 29 - 31 January 2020