Success Stories

In terms of training, WACAP has held and facilitated several trainings that have broadened the capacity of law enforcement agencies in international co-operation. Not only did WACAP train officers of the law enforcement agencies, it also organized a training of trainers for these agencies which ensured that there was always a continuous capacity building; those Ghanaians who had been trained and made available to train members of the various agencies in the use of the tools of international cooperation in the course of their investigations. Having been trained as trainers, we have successfully trained many of our colleagues and officers from other agencies.

WACAP also organized a ministerial conference in Ghana in 2015 to which many agencies in the criminal justice sector and the media were invited. This single meeting exposed the people of Ghana to WACAP and its objective which in a way made various agencies receptive to the idea of WACAP.

Through WACAP we have been introduced to focal points of all member states making it easy to approach these focal for assistance both informally and formally. Previously we had to rely exclusively on diplomatic channels for any kind of assistance including emergency cases.

Recently, Ghana has handled through the WACAP network a request submitted by Cabo Verde via email and follow ups were also done through emails.

Additionally, WACAP has facilitated contacts to other bodies such as EUROJUST which helps us to work informally with European countries. This would have been impossible since we are not members of EUROJUST. This introduction to EUROJUST makes it possible to informally contact EUROJUST for what could be described as silent assistance.