Success Stories

My involvement with WACAP since its inception has been of great personal benefit to me personally.

The training sessions I have attended have allowed me to better understand the issues and challenges inherent in the fight against organized crime. Thus, in the cases that I have to deal with in my capacity as a prosecutor, I am responsible for all the elements of prosecution requiring judicial cooperation. The contribution of the WACAP focal points is extremely important for the speedy processing of requests for mutual assistance in my work.

Likewise, I had the privilege of being chosen to provide, within the framework of WACAP, the training of trainers in international judicial cooperation and adult learning methods for the French, Portuguese and Arabic speaking countries of the Network.

In this capacity, I have had to train many fellow magistrates, judicial police officers and other officials involved in judicial cooperation.

They in turn have endeavoured to duplicate these trainings in their respective countries.

This has made it possible to create a relevant network of national trainers, who have been able to sensitize their colleagues on the imperative need for cooperation and the essential role that the WACAP plays in this context.

In addition, at the national level, I have of my own initiative trained registrars and other officials in the jurisdiction of the Thies Court of Appeal. These trainings which contained the teaching techniques and content of the cooperative training developed by WACAP, were greatly appreciated.

The growing interest of judicial actors in our Network is an indication of satisfaction and an encouragement to continue in this dynamic.